Winter season is the time to curl up in the blanket, enjoy your hot chocolate and be as cozy as you can be. While winters can turn your lazy side on, it is also a very good time to enjoy some steaming hot and flavourful winter dishes. While the shivering cold can bring problem for some people, we must remember that it is also one of the joyous season as it celebrates the dawn of the year. Along with it, you will also see the atmosphere being merry with the songs of jingle bells. That’s where we insist on the importance of exotic winter dishes as no celebration is always complete without sumptuous food. So, here we list some of the best winter dishes which you must try this winter.

Chinese Yam Soup

Soups can be called as the cliche winter dish. Soups and hot chocolate are the two dishes that actually bring the feel of winter to our taste buds. This one soup is what we personally recommend you to try and enjoy this winter. This traditional Chinese soup will not just warm up your body but also be a treat to your soul. The Chinese yam and Goji berries are both soothing and relaxing, so this is the soup is one of the best remedies when you have a terrible cold.

Steamed bao buns

Round and moist–there is nothing like pillowy soft bao buns stuffed with sparkling pork or beef, spiced with zingy pickles liberalizing, sweet hoi with no sauce or smoky mayonnaise, like fire. Go to Shaftesbury Avenue’s Pho & Bun for the amazing bouncy bao. Your steamed bao has multiple filling options and are some of the best options in winter dishes.

Chive dumplings

While dumplings are eaten all year long, winter comfort is traditional and still important for the holidays in China such as Lunar New Year. It’s not only fun to dumpling but it brings family and friends together too because this is a very good task of team building. Traditional taste is swine and chive but don’t skip these tasty vegetable luggage and special fish dumplings.

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