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Our wedding is one of the most special, memorable and auspicious occasions in our life. We all have dreams and plans for our wedding. Somewhere in the corner of our mind and heart, we’ve been deciding and planning various things about our D Day.

Weddings, indeed are one of the most special occasion of one’s life which is celebrated as a festival in a family. In a country like India, it goes without saying that the wedding of a close family member is no less than a festival for the entire family! Well, that’s the beauty of Indian families and the auspicious occasion.


What’s on your mind?

Weddings, indeed are one of the most special occasion of one’s life which is celebrated as a festival in a faSo, hey would-be brides and would-be groom, have you been losing your night’s sleep dreaming about how everything should be just so perfect on your D day? We’re sure you might have planned a number of things right from the wedding dress coordinations, pre-wedding shoots, invitations, menu to the shopping list, theme and accessories.

But hey? Have you decided on the venue yet? Have you got some plan for it in your mind? Have you chalked out a list of things to check in your wedding venue yet? Perhaps, the wedding venue is one of the most important parts of planning a perfect wedding!

In simpler words, we can also say that the venue comes first and everything else about the functions falls in place according to it. Well, that’s absolutely right to a large extent! The wedding venue is a crucial part of managing and planning a marriage or for that matter, the venue is actually very crucial part when planning any event in general!


Ease down the trouble!

Be it any occasion, event or function, deciding the perfect venue often gets a hectic and tedious task. Therefore, we recommend creating a list of certain things that you need to check while deciding the perfect venue for your wedding! And here we are to help you out in this!

If you’ve been struggling lately to decide a perfect venue for you Shaadi or you’re eager to celebrate your Nikah at a perfect place or you’re in search of an absolutely amazing venue to celebrate your Anant Karaj, consider these things while looking for a venue. You can thank us later!


Consider your guest list

First things first, make the guest list. A wedding venue should be large and spacious enough to accommodate all your guests. Nobody likes overcrowding especially when it’s your wedding.

Therefore, the first and most important thing to check while deciding the perfect venue for the wedding. It has been seen that many people often underestimate their guest list and the guests turning up are more than expected.

If you’ve booked the venue according to the guest list you’ve expected and the guests turning up are more in number, you may be in a very disturbing situation. Therefore, to avoid any last-minute headaches, we suggest booking a venue with a little larger capacity than expected.


Don’t forget your budget

While we know that you want to leave no stone unturned to plan the best wedding for yourself at the best place, it is important that you remember your budget all the way along. Some of the venues may impress you greatly and you might also decide it as the final one in your mind but it may disrupt your wedding budget totally.

Venues are surely an important part, but they are not the only one. So remember not to spend a major part of your budget on it! Make a proper budget and then list down the venues which fall in that budget. Consider the venues from this list one by one. This approach will also help you to keep clear of certain things.


Decide the theme after you decide the venue

Theme weddings have become a lot more popular than it was a few years back. Youngsters today want everything to be in their own style, their wedding is obviously one such thing. However, deciding the theme of the wedding prior to deciding the venue of the wedding may create some problems. The theme and venue may not go along well with each other.

Certain things required as a part of the theme may not be present or possible in the venue that you’ve decided. While the theme can be changed according to the venue later, it will surely give you some disappointment and heartbreak.

To avoid such a situation, it is the best idea to decide the venue first and then formulate a customized theme according to your dreams, wishes and venue! We’re sure, you’ll come up with something which will look absolutely beautiful when combined altogether!


Check the parking

In the big metropolitan cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, one of the biggest problems that occur in event management is the parking. Since families today drive in their own car to various places, an event which is expecting a large gathering often faces the problem of insufficient parking.

It is important to check whether the venue has a sufficient parking space to accommodate a large number of vehicles. This would ensure that there is no last minute rouble and over-crowding and your guests do not have to run around in search of parking.last-minute.


Check for in-house catering

In-house catering is another thing that you must look for in a wedding venue. When you book the venue and catering from different contractors, there are chances of disturbing management.

In-house catering will also ensure that you do not have to run around again for the search for a good cater and you’ll have all your work done at one place! Therefore, book the venues which have the in-house catering system. This will also increase the accountability of the venue contractor.


Check for nearby or in-house accommodation

A wedding means relatives, a lot of relatives. Therefore, it is important that the wedding venue has an in-house or nearby accommodation. This will ensure that you have all the plans ready to let your important guests and relatives have a pleasant stay.

There are many banquets and wedding venues in the NCR which have in-house accommodation facilities. It also helps the bride and bridesmaid relax and wait comfortably.


Check if the location is easily accessible

Another important thing to check while booking a wedding venue is the location. While location does plays an important role in deciding the theme, the overall setting of the wedding, it is also important for the ease of guests attending the wedding.

We suggest the location which is central and easily accessible from any part of the city. This will help your guest reach the wedding venue easily without any hassle. After all, nobody wants to get stuck in traffic or pick wrong routes especially when they are all dolled-up for a function!


Plan according to weather

Weather is always an important factor to consider when planning a wedding. If your wedding happens to fall in the monsoon season, then it is definitely not a good idea to book an open venue. Who wants to walk the aisle all drenched in rain?

That even sounds so miserable! Similarly, if the wedding date falls in December and January, an open venue would leave most of the guests shivering. Ask the venue contractors what plan they have to battle such situations and plan accordingly.

If you’ve been struggling to find such a venue, Club5 is one of the best ones which meets all the expectations of an amazing wedding venue. Check the premises and banquets, we’re sure it will allure you!


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