Stress has somehow become a prevalent factor in our lives. No matter how unfortunate this fact is, it is one of the hard-core realities of the present day modern lifestyle. Most of the people living in urban, metropolitan cities can relate to this. In the current jet-set life, one has to juggle and manage multiple things.


Starting from the household duties to the work, to the kids, their education, health and personal wellness, one is often seen to be occupied with many things at a single time. In such a case if any misery or unfortunate circumstance happens in life, one is sure to lose control.


That is why self-control and the art of living a stressful life despite having regular problems is very important. However, not many people can excel in it. Here are some of the things that you must avoid in order to live a stressful life.


Avoid more complexities

As working mothers, your days are busy enough with much nuances. So next time you think about bringing new people into your life, work projects, activities or even concepts, stop and think about whether you really need them. If you have no time or space for them, it is very reasonable to let it go. Too much complexity prevents us from doing well and ultimately increases our stress.



Just as some people appear to focus on controversy and rumors, others only look in negative light into the universe around them. And if you are not vigilant, this anger can be infective for your life. So make a decision to stay pleased and not take into consideration the downbeat view of someone else. When possible, prevent or learn how to deal with negative with colleagues or relatives and look at the bright and happy side of life.


Wanting to be perfect

Even if you are good to do your best, excellence in every domain of your life including home and workplace can’t be achieved. You have to understand that something can go wrong at times. Don’t stress yourself, therefore, and try too hard to correct things that exceed your efforts. Don’t be guilty that you can’t do everything perfectly in life. Dress up the areas you can excellently in and let the rest go.

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