Fine dining is something which has become the trademark of ultra laid back modern day lifestyle. Club 5 takes this to the next level with a combination of different restaurants and bars. A sumptuous meal and hearty dinner never fail to melt away anyone’s heart. Also, what’s a better option for a romantic date than dining in a fine, opulent multicuisine restaurant. If you think you have been missing on these things, it’s time that you turn to Club 5 – the member’s only club in DLF Phase 5 in Gurugram. 

It’s time to refurbish your dining experience with great cuisines, ultra-luxury dining experience, and comforting hospitality. Club 5 offers an unmatchable combination of restaurants and bars which works excellent in redefining the dining experience. Whether it is a casual romantic date, a family dining, a special weekend dinner,  the great restaurants at Club 5 are just oh-so-perfect! 

The four ultra chich bars and lounge restaurants at Club 5 are The portico restaurant, Aqua Bar, Oriental terrace and Sweet curve bakery. All of these pampers different sensibilities and serves sumptuous and mouthwatering pan Asian, Thai, Chinese, Vientmenses, continental and Japanese cuisine fit for a king size dinner.  


The Oriental Terrace

A sophisticated and fascinating experience is what the Oriental Terrace offers. If you’re looking for a completely replenished and oriental dining experience, The oriental terrace is definitely a place for you. Sit back and relax as you feel the charm and spark of opulence sinking at this restaurant serving exceptionally delightful meals. It’s a great place to wine and dine with your family and friends owing to its splendid aura and amazingly pampering menu. 

You’ll find everything starting from the oriental and exotic soups and salads, lush and decadent bakeries, lip-smacking multi-cuisines dishes, smoky hot and crisp starters, refreshing drinks and exotic wines here. It will truly give your dining experience a whole new joy. Experience the art which seeps down deep into your taste buds and 

Savor the flavorful blend of right spices and herbs mixed with innovation and skilled cooking. To recommend a few, we would like to mention specialties are Curry Laksa which is the Malaysian Milk flavored curried Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Panzoon hin which is specially crafted Burmese Prawn Curry, Indonesian Sambal, Black Pepper Lamb, and 5 spiced Chocolate Mousse.

They also hold monthly food promotions to provide some more and extra innovative food option which delights the foodie inside you. If that does not tempts you, we wonder what else will! 


Aqua Bar

Wash down all the stress with the sips of exotic and fine flavored wines. Spend a gratifying evening with your friends and family as you enjoy the aura of stupendous Luxor. Dive into the traditional Irish tone ambiance and enjoy the laid-back evening sipping down some exotic drinks and palatable snacks. 

The menu has great options for people of all taste and all preference, you can choose your favorite snack to gulp down with exotic spirits. The Aqua bar is located on the second floor of Club 5 and is mostly recommended by all its members. The reason behind this is ambiance and experience which is totally gratifying. We’re sure, you’ll love to visit and re-visit this lounge and bar set in the backdrop of traditional Irish setting, offering a great place to chill and groove with your acquaintances. 

They also host several rewarding events and provide special offers to the members. Club 5 members have this perk of easy access to this absolutely lit and chic lounge and bar. The seating and environment will instantly put you in a mood of celebration. They also provide the buy one get one free offer on a regular basis. After all, who doesn’t love to groove in high spirits? 


Portico Restaraunt

Coming next is this amazing destination tucked conveniently in the bountiful premises of Club 5. If you’ve ever wondered about a dining destination so perfect for a tete-a-tete and a pleasing meal with your family, we bet, there is no better restaurant than this. Portico offers a gamut of food options in salads, desserts, soups, starters, appetizers, and sizzlers. 

One is sure to get lured with the amazing menu that they offer.  Dive into an ultra-luxury dining experience and experience a soulful journey of taste and comfort at Portico Restaraunt in Club 5. We’re delighted to serve our customers happiness and satisfaction while they dine and enjoy the meal. Also, the restaurant is open right from 7 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock in the evening. There is no time constraint to enjoy a perfect meal just like there is no time constraint for hunger. 


Sweet Curve

IF you’re a person who falls in love with decadent cakes, pastries, mouse, and cookies, again and again, this bakery definitely serves a heavenly experience for you. A paradise for the baker products lovers, Sweet Curve is the ultra-chic and modern boulangerie in Club 5 which treats everyone with a pampering touch. This is gen next spot for lip-smacking snacks and tempting collection of ice creams. 

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