India is a land where festivals never end. This is the land where fun, enjoyment and celebration perfectly blends in with traditions and cultures. However, the beauty of these festivals can only be cherished and enjoyed when it is celebrated in the pure festive vibes and with the utmost zest. In the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, the increasing culture of the smaller nuclear families has somehow created a drift between the contemporary lifestyle and traditional celebration.


Festive Events at membership clubs

Amid such a scenario, we somewhere miss out on the essence of celebrating our Indian festivals with our friends, family, society and relatives. However, to combat this, there are some of the great initiatives taken by many private membership clubs. These clubs not just offer a setting and premises to get along, relax, dine-in together, play and enjoy but also to socialize and celebrate with the maximum energy and excitement with each other.

One such membership club in Gurgaon is the Club5 located in the DLF phase 5. Club 5, the lavish, ultra-chic, a lush and spacious club located in the DLF 5 area of Gurgaon offers multiple facilities for a total recreation, fun and relaxation. It does not only offers a luxurious and splendid dining experience but also allows its members to go back to old-school days of playing outdoor games with your family members.

Since this is something which is becoming extinct these days, such initiatives from these kinds of entities help to bring families closer and retain the fun and values of playing, eating and staying together!


Monthly Event Calendar – Break-free from the monotony

The Club5 also offers something more to bind the families, friends and communities into the joy of togetherness. This members-only club in Gurgaon prepares a monthly event calendar. That’s just as amazing as it sounds. Being one of the most happening and active clubs in Gurgaon, it does its best to keep its members engage in some of the other fun-filled activity all throughout the year.

It lays its attention on various social, cultural and festive events and skillfully plans out an event calendar which is best to make your entire month a happening and joyful one. We are sure that you would love to visit and be a part of these events which does not only covers the middle-age generation but are also very entertaining for the children, youngsters and senior citizens.

Their event calendar caters every group and every interest. You will find here events like informative wine-tasting sessions which are great for the Millenials and youngsters who love gulping down some drinks and enjoy in high spirits and also workshops like nest-making for children to improve their skills. Doesn’t it sound great? Totally!


An Event for each interest – socialize and celebrate!

If you’ve been looking to add some mix of spice to your otherwise monotonous life, we suggest joining this club membership which will keep you engaged and entertained all month long. Besides being entertaining, these events also provide a great opportunity to learn and grow.

As one’s learning never stops, these events including the workshops, informative sessions, book launches offer a great chance to cultivate and nourish your interest and keep yourself connected to it. Not only it makes your life happier and more joyful, but it also gives you a chance to connect with various people of the same interest and socialize in a better way.

After all, socializing is an art and having a great community of caring friends is a blessing. If you’ve been new to town, this just might be the best way to settle in comfortably and relocating to a happy and comfortable space where you have friends of the same interests.


Add more fun and enjoyment to your festive weekends!

Since the festivals are the most joyful times in the year, celebrating, shopping and chilling around with friends on some of the most auspicious occasions have a value of its own. Club5 organizes many festive events in its premises on most of the festivals.

Many of its festive events like Raksha Bandhan shopping bazar, Holi festive events, Diwali Events and so on are just perfect to get your festive plan sorted. An ideal way to celebrate and sail through the festive weekend is to go and chill out with your friends an family. That’s what Club5 offers!

These offer a great opportunity even to hang around, shop som exclusive goodies and enjoy some tasty food with your loved ones. Not only it increases the festive vibes around you, but it also helps in enjoying the festival in full swing while getting into a perfect festive mood.


A unique concept and set to please your senses!

The themes and concepts of each event are very thoughtful and appreciable. Some of its events like Life@60 is especially for the senior citizen which is a great initiative indeed. Take a look at some of its most popular events like Sur Sangam, Saturday Laughter, Book Launch, Raksha Bandhan shopping fest and Life @ 60 and you will notice that they don’t leave any opportunity to make an ordinary day into a special one!

The Club also has four exclusives, lavish and extraordinary restaurants and bars. To name them all, Oriental Terrace, Portico, Sweet Curve Bakery and Aqua Bar are the gourmet food gems that it houses. You can plan fine dining with your near and dear ones and enjoy the evening while savouring the delicious, mouth-watering and scrummy dishes.


Festive Shopping? sorted!

Club5 festivals bazar offer a wide range of food stalls, handicraft markets, accessory shopping and much more to the visitors. The premises itself is so lush and peaceful that you’ll instantly feel a rush of calmness as you enter it.

Amid such a jet-set busy life that we lead in today’s age, these events are totally the stress busters! We’re sure you would love to experience these events at the beautiful and lush space of Club5! Life can never be boring if you learn to party hard.


Pave a way for stress-free event celebrations!

Don’t just wait for the weekends, celebrate every accomplishment or even your existence. Living in jet-set cities have their own pros and cons. While the stressful lifestyle may get on your nerves often, the ways available to combat it are also many.

Planning events may get stressful, not with Club5. It is potent in managing every event for every occasion. With its hospitable staff, luxurious banquets, talented chef and plush decoration, Club5 are potent to make any and every event a special and memorable one.

The events at club5 are conducted with exceptional style, elegance, sophistication, grace and all details are handled in a professional manner. From a gathering of 20 guests to 650 guests, they provide prompt service. That’s why they are known as the best event management club in Gurgaon.

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