Nestled amid the upscale and high rise building of Gurgaon’s one of the most prominent locations, DLF phase 5, Club 5 is the ultimate gateway to an enthralling relaxation and enjoyment in this jet-set life. If you’re not yet experiencing the totally gratifying life of Club 5, we must tell you, you’re missing on something absolutely great and astonishing.

Today’s busy lifestyle calls for a rewarding weekend when you can just sit back, enjoy and relax with your family. This is what life at club 5 brings to you. A gamut of recreational opportunities that Club 5 offers to its members is a complete reward for the hard work you’ve been doing throughout the week. 


Bewitched by sight of the site – The exquisitely serene infrastructure

When you step into its totally amazing, warm, thrilling and absolutely beautiful premises, all you get is a rush of positive vibes. The captivating and enchanting building bewitch the visitors and sets them in a mood of tranquility and mental repose. It is covered with lush and beautiful bushes and shrubs. The amazing architecture is ornated with luxurious open spaces where the members can leisure around. 

Club 5 is essentially a playground of different sensibilities, different passions, and different needs for leisure. It has multiple luxury and ornate rooms which are plush with superior comfort. The high-end banqueting is fit for hosting absolutely ostentatious events. The ultra-modern and chic workspaces and conference rooms add a touch of splendor to your professional life.  

A totally laid-back, soulful and fun recreational options including indoor and outdoor sports activities, fun games and events are beyond perfect for a gladded leisure time. How about diving into the clear and tranquil, Olympic size swimming pool to beat the heat pangs? Doesn’t it sound like an ultimate idea for a laid-back weekend? This is how life at Club 5 refuels you. 


Tranquil your way – The enthralling and enchanting open spaces and lounges

The lounge areas in Club 5 are perfectly mesmerizing for a comfortable, soothing and pleasurable tete-a-tete over a coffee or drink with your loved ones. You can also just simply spend your time enjoying the serene ambiance and relaxing while you read your favorite book or binge your preferred snacks. This makes the life at Club 5 totally a vivacious, warm and vibrant. 


A rewarding dining experience – Epicurean and opulent restaurants and bars 

Club 5 is the home to extraordinary, opulent and epicurean restaurants which serve taste, gratifying experience, and an unwinding composure. The conglomeration of multicuisine restaurants and bars regularly holds various food and drink promotions to give you a treat of taste. 

The Club 5 dinings namely Oriental Terrace, Aqua Bar, sweet curve bakery, Portico Restaraunt are just fit for king and queen. Serving the ambrosial dining experience, they offer a lot more than just epicurean meals.  If you’ve been craving for some exorbitant Thai, Vietnamese, Pan Asian, Italian, Chinese or Japanese cuisines, this is just the right place for you. Members get to enjoy easy access to these stupefying restaurants. This is the life at Club 5, totally relaxing and gratifying. 


Leisure out – the ultimate recreational spots

Enjoy the Swiss and swank lifestyle at club 5 while indulging into various sports activities and fun games. The enthralling games both indoor and outdoor gets you a refreshing gateway and put on some positive and active vibes. The weekend like this resembles exactly what most of us dream. The vibrant aura, vivacious lifestyle and an opulent break from daily hustle give you a window to effervescent and high spirited life. 

The club 5 pampers various sensitivities to make them dive into more indulgent passions they love. It has professional and skilled florists which craft the beautiful and bountiful flower work.  This is definitely an eye-candy for the people who admire nature’s beauty. It also has various chemists, bakeries and other options to indulge in different passions. What more do you want for a perfect gateway? 


Celebrate in palatial style – the event, festivals, and carnivals

Club 5 hosts some of the most graceful and sensual events. Most of the club 5 events are free for the members. It lets you enjoy the swiss and swank lifestyle of Club 5. What more do you want for a perfect life which is a combination of different sorts of entertainment, leisure, comfort, and opulence? The members at Club 5 enjoy the life which is not only lively but also vivacious and enchanting, the one that every one of us dreams of! 


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