The winter season is officially here, which means that the days are shorter and cooler. Throughout the winter, it is our bodies’ natural instinct to gain weight. Our bodies retain more fat to provide us with higher levels of insulation to keep us warm. This also leads to lower energy levels, which in turn, decrease our drive to exercise. This lack of energy urges our body to over-eat, according to experts. Also, fewer hours of daylight cause us to want to sleep more often because of an increase in melatonin, giving us the sensation of “winter hibernation”.

While “winter hibernation” is good enough excuse to eat what you want to eat and work out less than normal but it’s really not worth it. If you let yourself put extra weight over the winter then it may difficult for you later to lose weight. So you’ll have to work out even harder to get lean in the winter season.

We’re here to help you to avoid gaining any unnecessary weight this winter season. Also, we’re here to provide you with tips to stay lean over the Winter.


• Switch to antioxidant-rich and wholegrain food items

It is tempting to reach for comforting “white” carbohydrate foods in winters such as cakes, cookies, white pasta, rice, and bread. These refined foods increase weight, as they are quickly digested and spike your levels of blood sugar and insulin. Turning your body to a healthy whole grain variety will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep you filled longer because they are fiber-rich and help to balance your blood sugar levels. Nutritious whole grain choices include whole oats, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, whole grain pasta, and grainy bread.
Other “white” foods are heavy on calories and rich in saturated fats to avoid cream, butter or cheese. Rather go for dishes made from tomato or vegetable sauces rich in antioxidants.


• Stay warm

Staying warm sounds obvious, especially for those who live in areas with extreme winters. However, it’s an important step. As we mentioned, the cold forces your body to adapt. Your body will maintain excess amounts of fat to keep it insulated.

By staying warm, you can trick your body into thinking it’s not as cold as it is. Make sure you cover your extremities like your hands, feet, face, and ears whenever you step outside. Even if you only go outside for a couple of minutes, wear gloves, wear a beanie, and cover your face with a scarf.

If you frequently exercise outside, do warmups in your home. Try to get a sweat started before you head out into the cold. Don’t forget to bundle up, too.


• Join health club

The winter can make it hard to find the motivation to consistently work out. The cold weather and short days just sway you to stay cuddled up at home. If you are looking to stay lean, however, you need to find some motivation to get up and active. One of the best ways to do this is by signing up with the best fitness club in Gurgaon if you’re living in NCR.

If you have a group of friends that are all struggling to find the motivation to exercise, join a group class together. Group classes provide you with a chance to work out while giving you a strong support system that holds you accountable. There is a number of the best fitness club in Gurgaon offers plenty of classes to our members, including:

• Cycling
• Yoga
• Kickboxing
• Body Sculp
• Pilates
• And much more


• Keep yourself hydrated

During winter we often forget to keep our water intake up, yet it is important to drink plenty of water all year round for good health. Air conditioning and heaters can be very dehydrating, so make sure to keep water intake high.

You can even try to drink at least two liters a day. Herbal teas count too. Also, there are many wonderful health-promoting teas you can choose from such as ginger (great for improving circulation), green (a powerful antioxidant and can help promote weight loss), rosehip (rich in vitamin C), peppermint (good for digestion) and chamomile (helps calm your nerves).


• Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables (including legumes) should comprise at least half of your diet. Out of the main source of the important vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A and C, foliates, iron and calcium, so having a good amount of the fruit and vegetables is excellent.

The varieties of purple, red and orange in powerful antioxidants are particularly high. However, do not overdo higher GI vegetables such as potato, sweet potato and pumpkin if you look at your waistline. Go for about three pieces of fruit a day. Take the porridge to add fruit and make stewed fruit in the morning with the muesli or natural yogurt.
So our advice is to eat wisely and stay healthy.

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