In the hustle and bustle of the city and the modern age, it is often seen that we lose our joy of life. The life in the present day is full of worries, workloads, and anxieties. Amid such a scenario, a break and rejuvenation from this monotony is a necessity. People are finding different ways to cope up with it and combat the negative vibes that it brings. 

While vacation is certainly an obvious and great option to break away from the shackles of the daily monotony which is full of workloads, tensions, it is not always the option. A person usually goes for a vacation quarterly, half-yearly and annually. However other options like in-city club membership can prove surely great in this regard. While the modern-day lifestyle brings with it many cons, it also brings with it a certain way to combat it.  

Rejuvenation and entertainment are necessities in today’s life. The number of membership clubs in the urban cities which offer ultra-luxury gateways and superior comfort is the new-age concept to deal with stress and break away from it. Many clubs are offering the member’s only benefits which includes fine dining, sports and health facilities, entertaining events and much more. 

Club 5 is one such member’s club located in the DLF Phase 5 in Gurugram. It offers many facilities and world-class amenities to the people who wish to break away from the monotony of life and enjoy the ultra chic lifestyle. 

In the age where stress is becoming a common and prolonged problem especially in the millennials, this kind of club life is essentially soothing and relaxing. It rewards the members with the relaxation and fun that they much deserve. It is also fit for spending a splendid weekend with families. The main cause of the stress in family life is that the family members do not spend enough time together. The lack of time due to the increasing work pressure is causing an imbalanced equilibrium in the work-life balance. 

Whether it’s catching up with your health and fitness goals, chasing your passion and hobbies, spending a luxurious time alone or with family, enjoying the decadent delight to reward yourself or grooving and letting loose in the social events, these clubs offer everything.

Also. it provides easy access to various things such as world-class dinings, easy booking of banquetings for social events, pampering yourself and elevating your passion and so on. This makes people relaxed and composed in life. It also works towards restoring equilibrium in life, balancing the work life and personal life as counterparts of each other. This way, club life is becoming an essential part of a balanced, gratifying and satisfying life in modern age urban cities. 

Club 5 in DLF Phase 5 is all classic and ritzy affair. One is sure to feel thrilled and amazed just at the beauty of its infrastructure. The bountiful ambiance provides an instant rush and the posh, luxurious rooms available for the stay sets the ground of much-needed family relaxation. The ample of sports activities needed to stay active allows the people to participate in something which is not only good for their physical and mental health but also brings positive vibes great for their emotional and spiritual health. 

All this results in breaking the accumulated stress and diving into the pleasurable experience which makes the life smooth and happier altogether. This is what most of the clubs offer to their members, a rewarding experience indeed. 

Many psychologists and psychiatrists also suggest becoming a member of any social club which offers a complete break-away from the jet-set life. This keeps you in force, provides a splendid spot for vaccination and family time becomes a lot more entertaining and fun. Many of these clubs are equidistant to the residential and commercial areas of the urban cities so you can also walk-to-work after enjoying your leisure time. 

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