Every athlete likes to think about the sport they take part is in the ultimate. They want to believe they are succeeding at the hardest, most challenging sports competition out there. So it is natural that every Squash player believes the same thing.

It is one of a simple and accessible sport that is enjoyed as much by the novice as the pro. Sharing the space of a small court while moving at speed can get outcome as some highly skilled and also some highly comical moments!

It is also a game for great upper and lower body workout, strengthening muscles and burning up to 800 calories per hour – perfect for older people who are looking to stay healthy. Remember, the National Health Services (NHS) advises that older people looking for a more intense workout routine should aim for 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, and strength exercises on two or more days a week that work the major muscles in their body. 

As an indoor sport, it can be played at any time of day, all year round so you can start today. And if you need more encouragement, here are some reasons why…..

It’s a Great Workout

Getting in enough exercise will typically be a monotonous and repetitive task. Squash is in no way that! It’s a high-intensity exercise that’ll perpetually work your body throughout the length of what’s really a fast game. If you play squash for Associate in Nursing hour, the standard calorie burn is over 1,000 calories, which is over alternative activities like running or athletics.

In a mere 45 minutes, you can get the hardest cardio and aerobic workout from this Squash game. Constant running and following the ball, coupled with making hard, consistent contact with the ball and your racquet are tiring. If you weren’t in top physical shape before playing the game, you will surely be as you continue to play and get better. The more competitive you are as a player, the more conditioned you need to be.


There are Plenty of Health Benefits

We’ve already covered above the number of calories you can burn in just one game of squash, but that’s just one of the many health benefits you can receive from it! The course is also available for this game and during the course of a game, you’ll be asking your body to move in a multitude of different directions. You will be also getting enough power to hit the ball properly.

It will improve your balance, agility, and coordination if you play Squash regularly. It’s also a pretty good stress reliever after the end of your hard day. You’ll also look and feel better if you play squash regularly. You can earn lots of benefits and these includes:

    • It takes extreme Hand-Eye Coordination.

Basically, there are balls bouncing off the wall and all over the court and your main objective is to hit these balls that are barreling toward your face. Not only do you have to hit them as they are flying toward you, but you need to be able to anticipate where they are going to hit on your side of the court. 

Without extreme hand-eye coordination, you don’t have the skill to hit the ball and score points, this may make the game pointless. While you can work on your hand-eye coordination, this is a factor that some natural skill to begin. Without it, it will be that much harder to obtain.

    • Your Mental Skills have to be as good as your Physical Skill

Being physically fit and athletic is not the only skill you need in order to play Squash game. You have to be as sharp mentally as you are physical. You not only have to make sure you are making contact with the ball and racquet; you also need to anticipate where you need to be on the court to make the next hit.

As if that weren’t enough, you not only need to anticipate the next hit, but you need to mentally prepare for where your next hit is going to fall. You need to try to get in the other player’s head in order to make them think you are going to hit the ball a certain way, but actually you will do the opposite so that you are able to score. The game of squash is nothing but in every bit mental as it is physical.

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