When you think of working out, swimming isn’t usually your first choice. You may even think it as an athlete regimen and back out from the option. You need not break any speed records or win the shortest reaps of swimming back and forth, nor make any competitive swimming stroke or crawls. The pace is left to your leisure, and any stroke can be considered as long as you are floating. It can be a Breaststroke, sidestroke or a backstroke as long as you are swimming. Experts recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Swimming is an excellent choice to exercise your body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming sheds calories as running or any other cardio exercise, without a severe impact on bones and joints.

Gains by lap swimming

It is a great aerobic activity for pumping blood into your heart and lungs, improving stamina and cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure. Lap swimming also strengthens muscles, relieves joint pain, eases arthritic joint pain during a workout, increases flexibility and also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies testify that it also helps in weight loss, better balance, swift thinking, and a reduced risk for a fall. Lap swimming works best if you’re generally healthy and a good swimmer. But start slowly and Focus on the time spent on swimming, try to gradually scale it high. Eventually, set higher goals and increase your speed by more laps in a set time.


Aquatic workouts

Exercising in the shallow end of a pool is termed an aquatic workout. a trainer may lead a group of people through a set of exercises with special water weights or flotation devices along with water walking and working against the water flow are some of the few exercises.  These are good for muscles and helps in flexibility. If you suffer from balance issues take a friend who can assist alongside. Wearing a buoyancy belt around the waist is always advisable.

Swimming as an exercise during pregnancy

Swimming is a recommended exercise for pregnant women as additional weights may cause joint and muscle pain during pregnancy. Swimming supports in easing this additional weight and helps to stay fit while being comfortable and less strenuous. But it is always recommended to consult a doctor before undertaking a new form of activity during pregnancy.


General skills required for swimmers

The Breathing technique plays a crucial role in swimming, get assistance if it’s your first time, Gliding with your face in the water, coordination between various body parts during movement, knowledge of different Stroke styles/swimming techniques and lastly Diving techniques.


Tips for swimming workouts:

Start the workout by simple Warm-up of gentle paddling for a few minutes and then gradually going to static long stretches of shoulder and leg muscles.Use right and conditioned equipment, such as goggles, a bathing cap, water weights etc. try to choose a pool which contains swimming lanes. Don’t miss out on nonslip shoes or sandals when walking on the pool deck and always apply sunscreen if on outdoor swimming places. Always try to stay hydrated before and after swimming. Lastly, stretch your muscles after a lap swimming is always recommended.


Swimming risks

Swimming is not everyone’s cup of tea. Avoid if suffering any underlying condition, such as heart disease or a seizure disorder, which is life-threatening. Skip lap swimming if not strong or ready enough to handle water and pool abrasions. Always be careful with injuries on shoulder, neck, as lap swimming may increase the pain and healing time.


Swimming practically burns calories and helps in losing weight, tone muscles and improve overall health and fitness. By engaging in different muscle strokes, swimming can be proven to be an excellent work out for a wide variety of individuals. Hitting the pool increases stamina as well as relaxes muscles simultaneously.it increases your heart rate making a great impact on cardiovascular health. It also helps in socializing and helps relax mental stress.

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