A long and healthy living is a desire of every homo sapien; healthy habits, eating well, regular exercise are the key towards a prolonged healthy life. The previous generation maintained a healthy lifestyle adding them bonus years. With advance technology and medication we are yet to achieve the physical, mental, and emotional health they own. This is only possible with strict lifestyle and eating discipline.

With today’s fast pacing life it’s hard to shed a couple of hours on diet and exercise; and so venture into fast-foods and packed foods. Its effects show when we end up in hospitals and near physicians. It’s high time we realize this and keep in mind the following parameters towards betterment of life.

Healthy Diet:

Whatever you eat is what you are made of. Having a diet plan doesn’t necessarily mean cutting down your favourite fatty food, instead, creating a balanced consumption, by cutting off the quantities and adding some health supplements.

Start Emphasizing more on what you consume, how much you consume and in what time intervals you consume. A healthy diet should include green leafy vegetables, pulses, different coloured fruits, whole grains, dairy products, meats, beans, eggs and nuts in sufficient quantities. Try to avoid saturated and Trans fats, sodium, added sugars and processed food. Drink loads of water and stay hydrated.  Never forget to count your calorie intake.


Now, whatever you are made of has to tone into a healthy you. This is through maintaining optimal step count, walking, shedding off extra fat, warm up exercises .first recognize your comfort. Do you like to work out in the gym or a peaceful yoga session imbibes you; does an aggressive karate training attract you or a rhythmic Zumba class beats you- whatever maybe your choice just cling to it. Being active works magical on your physical, mental and physiological health. It is an instant stress buster, keeps you happy, boosts blood flow, maintains weight, strengthens muscle and bones, increases energy levels, improves immune, memory and eliminates sleep-related issues. Secondly, talk to a general physician before starting a new exercise program if suffering any heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, allergies and arthritis or if inactive for a while, overweight, or recently quit smoking. Remember to pay attention to the body signals, never push yourself too hard causing complications later. Stop exercising immediately if you experience any kind of chronic pain or shortness of breath.

Weight Management:

Proper weight can impact on the self-confidence and the life of an individual. Maintaining proper weight according to height, age and gender lead to a longer self-being. But try to avoid going under the knife to look good or over imposing food supplements to maintain a perfect shape. Try healthy and natural ways to maintain your weight with proper diet and exercise. Maintaining and following a systematic schedule with proper sleep-time impacts body weight. Inculcate regular water habits for a healthy weight. Be a conscious eater.

Whatever is your age, condition, the profession you always have some limitations when it comes to health. No one is perfect, but remember to give it your best for a long healthy life. Remember to be optimal in your approach, never give too much nor too little.

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