A wedding is a special celebration for all and hence every aspect of a wedding is considered to be important, including wedding decoration. Whether it can be simple decor or extravagant affairs because wedding decoration is a must to set the tone of any occasion. The importance of wedding planning and decoration should never be overlooked. The decoration is the key element for the wedding the same as make-up is important for bridal. The decoration is also to be considered as important for an occasion to embellish, spice up the mood and light up the day.

The importance of wedding decoration
These decorations are also important because they set the atmosphere for the occasion. They accentuate the venue and ceremony and give them the look for fit for the perfect occasion. It is just a matter of choice for the personals and therefore the person can also decide the quality of the wedding decoration.

When decorating, you have a lot to choose from. You can create a unique, beautiful, magical, elegant, enchanting atmosphere with the decorations you use. So, By carefully planning in advance and selecting proper wedding decoration theme one can easily save a good amount of time and money and can also have a wonderful ceremony

Stage decoration holds immense importance because it is a sacred place where wedding vows between the groom and bride are exchanged. Here are a few types of wedding decorations you can choose from.

Fresh floral decoration
Fresh flower decoration is the most frequently used decoration and it also gives a fresh and elegant atmosphere. Using fresh is a classic way to bring grandeur and also life to the occasion. Using flower decoration can be done in the entire wall and creatively space flower bouquets and this looks classy.

Theme based decoration
One of the most and growing decoration styles is none other the theme based decoration. This is one of the unique decoration styles, the entire venue is decorated on the basis of a specific theme which includes matching fabrics used for tables and chairs, matching flowers and many other details. Including the wedding cakes the theme-based decorations that are made to match with the wedding theme.

Fabric curtain decoration
Using a fabric curtain is quite common to create an elegant stage backdrop. Silk, satin, or chiffon are generally used as draped for the stage decor. If there is a specific color scheme in place, match the draperies with it. The most popular colour choices are pink, ivory, red and gold. Use a combination of two colours but it’s important to complement it with the items the venue. Adding a few string lights or decorative hanging lanterns will bring a subtle glow to the atmosphere. A touch of zari borders or dash of sequin and mirror work will create the extra oomph that we all look for in wedding décor.

Modern based decoration
There are different types of wedding decorations is available in the market but the modern based decoration is one of the trendy in the market. Modern decorations include ribbon, flowers, colorful clothes, iron stand, etc. you can choose from as per your choice.

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